resume example

Resume example

Looking for a resume example? If you are applying for a job, you are often asked to send a motivation letter with a resume.

In your resume are mentioned the courses you have followed and the work experience you have built up so far. The company you want to work for, can easily and quickly see if you are a fit for the job. The importance of a good resume is clear: it makes the difference between being invited or not being invited for a job interview.

The resume gives the first impression

Usually you are not the only one applying for a particular job. There are sometimes hundreds of applicants responding on popular vacancies. You can imagine that a company does not always have the time to review all those motivational letters and resumes. Therefore, often the resume is the first filtering. With a resume you make your first impression and you only make it once. A first selection of interesting candidates is made on resume basis. If your resume gives the impression that your experience does not match the job, your motivation letter will not be read and you will not be invited for a job interview. This again shows the importance of a good resume.

With a resume you make your first impression and you only make it once!

Pay attention to your resume

Of course, your motivation letter is very important, but pay more attention to your resume. The chances for being invited for a job interview are based on your resume, rather than based on your motivation letter. Your resume must look very good and must distinguish among many other candidates. It’s not only important that you have the right experience, but also that your resume has a nice layout and that there are no mistakes. A messy resume does not make a good first impression and you will soon be rejected.

Be relevant

The mistake which often is made is to make a resume once and then send it to together with each application. This, of course can work, but you can run into the problem or chance that you may mention experiences which are not relevant to the job you are applying for. Therefore, review your resume again before each application and see if you can add and rewrite it to let it be a better match for the job you are currently applying for. It would be a shame of course, if you have the required experience, but you fail to mention them on your resume. Give the most important experience and skills with some extra attention you can make sure they notice your skills.

Make your resume neat and clear

A resume must look neat and must not contain any errors. A resume that looks messy at first glance is put aside by the new company. It’s nice if you choose an original layout. It is important that you do not overdo it and that the layout fits the job you are applying for. When applying for a creative job, a creative resume fits, but when applaying at very formal companies you better choose a classical style. You could also choose a resume and motivation on video, but not every company is waiting for that kind of applications. After all, they have to make more effort to view the resume. Therefore, the tip would be to always send your normal written resume.

Please provide the correct information

It’s convenient for a company, if you put the usual parts of a resume in an usual order, so that they can easily scan and find information quickly. In your resume you must at least mention your personalities, work experiences, skills and completed trainings.

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Resume sections

In the personal information section, you will enter your name and contact details. You can also mention what kind of job you are interested in. The work experience, is perhaps the most important part. Put the most recent working experience at the top and go back in time, with your first working experience at the bottom of the list. Mention only relevant work experiences. Because it is not always clear what a job title is, it’s smart to add a brief description of your work. With skills you will list what your specializations are, for example with which computer programs you can work. The courses list, mention the items the same way as your work experience with the last-mentioned education at the top. Mention the official name of the education and the school or university. You can also mention relevant courses here, that you have followed. Finally, add which languages you speak and if you have a driver’s license, if applicable.

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