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A good resume is extremely important when applying for a job. Your resume tells which education you have followed and what work experience you have.

Companies often make a first selection based on the resumes they receive. On that basis, they decide which motivation letter or application form they will read. If your resume is not ok then your letter will probably not be read. Therefore pay close attention to the preparation of your resume and use a resume example. Later in this article you will find a general resume example that you can download and customize.

First impression with your resume

On some vacancies dozens or hundreds of responses will be send. A company then has no time to review all motivational letters. A first sorting is made based on the resume. So your resume is the first impression you make at a company. A good resume is tailor made for the vacancy you respond to. Do not submit the same resume for every application, but critically check that it fits well with the experience and skills required. If necessary, adjust your resume to make the important information better. Of course, keep it fair. It is important that you highlight certain key capabilities well, but you should not tell any untruths.

Resume Content and Structure

A resume has a number of fixed elements in a particular order. There are always exceptions, but it can generally be said that your resume always starts with your personal information, followed by your training and your work experience. This information is often supplemented with skills and competencies and interesting secondary activities or hobbies. It is important that you use a similar structure because your resume reader can not find all information at a glance. In addition, it is of course very important that your resume looks well taken care of. The content must be neatly aligned and there are no typing and spelling mistakes.

Personal resume Data

As stated, your resume starts with your personal information. This is done in the heading. What information should be given, is not 100% agreed, but in any case, state your full name, address, zip code and city, your phone number, your e-mail address and your date of birth. You can add your birthplace, marital status, nationality and gender. If you want to add something about your personality or ambition, place it under a separate headline (“personal” profile).

Education and Work Experience

Your education and work experience determine whether you are at first sight suitable for the job you are applying for. First, you name the educations you have followed. At the top of your last-mentioned education, go back in time. You also do this with your work experience; Your current or last job is at the top. With your education, you tell the name of your education, where you followed them and when. At work experience, you name your job title, which company you have worked for with a short description of your tasks and skills.

Competences and Skills

Below this heading you can tell which languages you speak, what software you can handle and whether you have a driver’s license. Anything that may be relevant to your application, but what has not been mentioned before, put it over here. However, if it involves hobbies or other activities, you can better create a separate heading for it.

General resume example for download

Below is a general resume example. You download this resume example and customize it. All specific information is omitted so that you can easily customize it. Of course, you can add more educatons and work experiences than mentioned in the resume example. It is especially important that the information is relevant to your job application.

Download resume example

Below you can download a resume example in pdf or word format.